Nano Protein Treatment

Nano Protein Treatment

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Saw San Nano Protein Hair Treatment, is the latest innovative product in Dubai and UAE, for curly and afro Hair, also very suitable for unruly hair.
This treatment convinces by smoothing the hair up to 100%, valuable ingredients such as Nano protein make the product an innovative newcomer.
Product is free of chemicals and contains no formaldehyde, a 100% natural product which can also be used for children and pregnant women

  • Instruction manual

    After washing the hair with a clarifying shampoo, dry the hair up to 80%, Just divide hair into 4 parts and apply the product strand by strand all over the hair through the length to the ends.
    Leave 1cm of space from the scalp.
    The tufts have a thickness of about 2cm. leave the product on healthy and untreated hair for up to 45 minutes, on bleached hair and chemically treated hair, leave it on for up to 30 min.
    Rinse the hair 20% to 50% for healthy hair and for blond hair, rinse it up to 80%.
    Dry the hair with the hair dryer and start straightening with the flat iron, each section about 7 to 8 times with a temperature between 200 degrees and 230 degrees.


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